ReGen PowerTech – ‘Made in Nellore’ wind turbines

For the residents of Nellore, wind power generators are a common sight. One can see the wind power generators on Narasimhakonda from many places in Nellore town. The best view though is from the Penna Bridge.  ReGen Powertech, which has an unit in Nellore near Tada in APIIC SEZ at Mambattu village, is India’s largest  manufacturer of MW class, gearless wind turbine manufactures. They have a technical partnership  with Vensys of Germany. The uniqueness of  the turbines made here is  that, they are made with a minimalist approach. These turbines have  few numbers of wearing parts and make exclusive use of long-life  components. They offer the advantages of compact construction, efficient energy conversion and intelligent design.

ReGen Powertech is also actively involved in corporate social responsibility activities. As a part of the corporate social responsible activities, they had organised distribution of Uniforms, Notebooks, Slates, Bench, Desks, and School Bags etc to the schools present at the vicinity of the factory located at TADA in Andhra Pradesh.
– Nellore Lover

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