Nellorean Ashwin Hebbar selected for Andhra Ranji Trophy


Nineteen year old Aswin Hebbar is selected in Mohammad Khaif led Andhra Ranji team.  His 250 against Harayana and 175 against Jharkhand in the Cooch Behar Trophy made the selectors to select him for first class circuit. Ashwin has trained up in ACA’s academy.

According to ACA coach Mr. Srinivas Reddy, Ashwin who is a right hand batsman as well as a good fielder in the point cover region has been performing consistently in the junior grade. After a long gap a player from the district was picked for the Ranji team. Andhra cricket association statistician Mr. G.Phani mentioned that Fayaq Ahmed who was an all rounder was the last man to earn the cap.

Aswin is a middle order batsman, depending on the requirement of the team he even opened the innings for team and scored big runs.

Andhra Ranji Trophy will be started from December 7th at Visakhapatanam against Hyderabad. Seven matches will be played totally and will end in February 2015.

Krishak Bharathi Cooperative Limited to set up fertilizer plant in Nellore

Kribhco (Krishak Bharathi Cooperative Limited) is going to set up the long pending fertilizer plant in Nellore district. The Andhra Pradesh Government has issued orders to allot 286 acres of  land to the cooperative giant to start works of the  plant in Sarvepalli Industrial Park in Nellore. Over 50 acres of land is also allotted for UPI Polymers which is planning to establish an industrial unit to manufacture pipes, sprinklers and drip irrigation equipment.


The Production in the plant will start within 24 months after the land is given to the company  by APIIC. Kribhco will invest about 2,000 crore in the two phases in the ammonia complex fertilizer plant. UPI polymers are going to invest about 400 crores in its unit and generate a few hundred direct and indirect jobs.

GO transferring the land to APIIC, which in turn will transfer property to Kribhco and UPI Polymers at a market rate of Rs 7 lakhs per acre was issued. APIICC chairman P.Krishnaiah told that few more industries are interested to start industries in Sarvepalli Industrial Park.  The Container Corporation of India wants to start a unit and has requested for 150 acres of land.

Sachin Tendulkar visits Puttamraju Kandriga Village, Gudur Mandal, Nellore

Rajya Sabha member and cricketer Sachin Tendulkar has visited the village which was adopted by him for the development as part of Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojana.

Sachin was given a warm welcome by Krishnapatnam Port officials on Saturday evening up on his arrival. He also received a guard of honour by the probationers at the Port security academy.

This is his first visit to the village after his announcement to adopt the village. He has allocated Rs 2.79 crore from his MP Local Area Development Scheme fund for the development work. He has laid foundation stones for various schemes like developing roads, power, and water supply and also other community projects like ensuring the presence of toilet in every house. He also assured that funds may also be allocated for providing wi-fi connectivity to the village residents.


Tendulkar met members of women’s health groups, and told them that this is the first step towards development of this village and I feel to make a change, is not as difficult as maintaining what has changed. He told them that they have to maintain and look after the place. He also made a point that it is important to keep the toilets clean and teach the children so that they grow up in the right manner and become bright stars of our nation


He thanked the people of the village for showering their love and affection on him and began his speech by greeting them in Telugu. He expressed his hope that they will keep their promise and next time when he visits the village he wants to see the village a much better place.

Andhra Pradesh Minister for Urban Development P. Narayana and Nellore District Collector N. Srikanth explained various development works to be undertaken. Tendulkar heard with keen attention when an SHG member explained how the women’s groups are formed, and how they save money and undertake various social activities.

A festive atmosphere prevailed in the village as local residents, especially youngsters, were excited to see and meet the cricket icon. He shook hands with school children, interacted with them and also played some cricket with them.

Karthika Pournami celebrated at Nellore

“Karthika Pouranmi”, the traditional festival is celebrated on full moon day of Karthika Masam, is one of the most auspicious days for a Hindu. This month is the only month in which both Lord Shiva and Vishnu are worshipped. All Vishnu and Shiva temples are full with the devotees wanting a darshan of their deities.

Devotees thronged Mulapeta Sivalayam, Raja Rajeswari temple, Jonnavada Kamakshi temple and RamaThirtham temple in large numbers to offer prayers and also performed Satyanarayana Swamy Vratham coinciding with Pournami at various temples and at their residences.  Women lit oil lamps and offered prayers. Temples witnessed a steady stream of devotees throughout the day.


People have taken a holy dip at Mypadu beach where Government have taken initiative and arranged for 11 feet Shiva lingam. Officials have taken care of all the arrangements.  Vijaya Dairy has supplied milk with free of cost. Devotees  performed abhishekam for shiva lingam and lso performed govupuja and lit the diya.

State Minsiter P.Narayana, Collector Srikanth, MP Mekapati, MLA Anil Kumar Yadav, JC Rekha Rani, MPP Kailasam Renuka and tahsildars  and other officials had taken care of all the arrangements.

Karthika Pournami  is also celebrated as the day on which Lord Vishnu incarnated as Matsyaavataram happened on Karthika Pournami. This avtara was to save Manu from the MahaPralaya.

The common rituals of Karthika Pournami is having river bath and praying to Lord Shiva and fast have to observe for the whole day. Devotees visit the temple of lord Shiva and lit the lamps. The lamp is lit with 365 wicks. It indicates each wick is for each day of the year. Some devotees would light a wick on the floats made from the stems of the Banana Tree and set it afloat on the river. Few devotees would also give Deepa Danam or donate a lit diya. A diya will also be lit infront of the Tulasi plant where the idols of Radha and Krishna are kept.

Satyanarayana Vratam and Ekadasi Rudra Abhishekam is also performed on Kathika Pournami.







Vandhe Gandhiyam peace rally organised form Nellore Gandhi Statue to Pinakini Satyagraha Ashramam, Pallipadu

Civil society activists, people’s representatives and district officials took part enthusiastically in peace rally which was organised from Gandhi statue Nellore to Pallepadu Ashram . Singer Ghazal Srinivas led the march and mentioned the significance of peace in bringing about harmony and unity among the countries of the world. Speakers appealed to the youth to follow the footsteps of the great leaders who fought for the independence of the country. They appealed to the people to take responsibility to protect and preserve the unity and integrity of the country.


District Collector N.Srikanth, who flagged off the rally in the city, and the event was also attended by Singer Ghazal Srinivas, MP Mekapati Rajamohan Reddy, Mayor Sk.Abdul Aziz, MLA P.AnilKumar Yadav and several other leaders. This event was organised to pay tributes to the values and ideals cherished by Gandhiji who won hearts of the opeople by getting the freedom through peace and non-violence.

Pallepadu Ashramam was inaugurated on 7th Feb 1921 by Gandhiji himself. This ashramam was among the few important ashramams which were being preserved as a tribute to Gandhiji. The Ashramam is now under the Indian Red Cross Society Nellore.

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Nelloreans busy celebrating “Rottela Panduga”

Rottela Panduga is being celebrated from Tuesday at the Barashahid Dargah on the banks of Swarnala Cheruvu.  All roads in Nellore are leading towards the Nellore tank. Devotees  from different religions from all corners of the world offered prayers at Bara Shaheed Dargah and exchanged rotis. . This festival symbolises religious harmony


History says that 12 religious warriors had laid down their lives for the sake of spreading Islam in South India in the 1780s. When they were touring Tamilnadu, the warriors took part in a fierce battle with rival forces at Gandhavaram village, Kodavalur mandal  before they were slaughtered.  The heads which were slaughtered were at Gandhavaram , but the bodies were brought to Swarnala Cheruvu, Nellore with the help of horses. According to the religious leaders,  the Khaji of Nellore has seen these 12 warriors in his dream and they told him to construct dargah at Nellore tank and also at Gandhavaram village where there were chopped off.   Rottela Panduga is considered a novel way of thanksgiving to Baara Shaheed( 12 warriors) by devotees after their wishes get fulfilled following a visit to the Dargah.

It became a tradition to exchange rotis to mark the special occasion which has become famous as the Roti festival. Devotees believe that their wishes will come true if they visit dargah during the festival. Devotees make different wishes related to education progress, health, wealth, marriage alliances and so on.  This year devotees were making wishes for the development of AP.

District administration had made elaborate arrangements for pilgrims.  AP minister P.Narayana, Mayor Abdul Azeez and Muncipal Corporation commissioner Chakdradhar are supervising the arrangements of the festival.  E-Toilets have  been arranged for women. Parking lots were arranged temporarily and are illuminated.  Many private Organizations have also come forward to help the devotees by distributing water, food and guiding them.