Moolasthaneswara Swamy Brahmotsavams from today in Nellore

Moolasthaneswara Swamy Brahmotsavams began today in Nellore.

15th Feb-Wed-Ankurarpanam

16th Feb-Thu-Dhwajarohanam

17th Feb-Fri-Purusha Mrugavahanam

18th Feb-Sat-Sesha Vaahanam

19th Feb-Sun-Vendi Raavana Seva

20th Feb-Mon-Siva Rathri-Ginne Bhiksha, Lingodbhavabhishekam, Vendi Nandi Seva

21st Feb-Tue-Kalyanam

22nd Feb-Wed-Rathotsavam

23rd Feb-Thu-Puli Vaahanam

24th Feb-Fri-Alakala Thopu

25th Feb-Sat-Dhwajavaharohana

26th Feb-Sun-Davanotsavam

27th Feb-Mon-Ekantha Seva

Vikrama Simhapuri University inter college cricket tournament from tomorrow in Nellore

Vikrama Simhapuri University inter college cricket tournament starts from 14th Feb at AC Subba Reddy Stadium in Nellore. Matches on 14th include Simhapuri University College vs Aditya Degree College, GVK vs Krishna Chaitanya, VR College vs Shirdi Sai College Atmakuru and Sarvodaya College vs Chandra Reddy Degree College.

Rare insectivorous plant found in Nelapattu, Nellore

Wildlife officials of Sullurpeta division spotted a rare insectivorous plant, Drosera Burmanni, on the tank bed of the famous Nelapattu bird sanctuary in SPSR Nellore district. The plant which is also called a carnivorous plant can catch and digest live prey (normally insects) to obtain nitrogen compounds that are lacking in its usual marshy habitat.

The plant is one of the fastest trapping sundews and its leaves can curl around an insect in a few seconds. Drocera Burmanni is considered a powerful rubefacient (reddening the skin) in Hindu medicine and used for producing some Ayurveda and Homeo medicines.

Balaji Air Products opens a new oxygen plant in Nellore.

Balaji Air Products opened its oxygen plant at 35, APIIC Industrial Park, Kakutur, Venkatachalam Mandal, Nellore. Managing Partner A.Purna Chandra Rao informed that the plant uses the latest technology, and produces highest purity oxygen for industrial and clinical use.

The plant was opened today after a traditional puja. Customers looking to buy oxygen, nitrogen may contact sales at  9885024549.