Tata Chemicals to setup a Rs400 crore prebiotics plant in Nellore district

Tata Chemicals Ltd is setting up a prebiotics plant to manufacture fructo-oligosaccharides and galacto-oligosaccharides powders classified as nutritional biotechnology products. The Rs 400 crore plant is coming up on a 40-acre site in the APIIC Industrial Park of Mambattu Village, Tada Mandal, Nellore district.

The plant is expected to be completed in two phases with first phase production likely to start in December 2018. When completed, it would provide direct employment to 150 people and indirect employment to 80 members. The company hopes to realize a turnover of ₹183 crore from the plant by 2021.

Japanese hub to come up in Nellore district

A Japanese industrial cluster is expected to come up between Krishnapatnam and Sri City (near Tada) in the Nellore district of Andhra Pradesh. The Japanese cluster is expected to further catalyze already vibrant industrial scene in Nellore district. The region includes Menakur SEZ, Mambattu SEZ, Pantapalem Industrial Park and Ankulapur Industrial Park of APIIC apart from Sri City SEZ in the private sector.


The Government of India announced that Krishnapatnam will be made an industrial smart city and will be made part of the Chennai-Bengaluru industrial corridor, which is expected to receive substantial Japanese investments.

Vacant industrial plots and land rate in APIIC industrial parks in SPSR Nellore District

apiic nellore

Land Rates in Industrial Parks:

1 NELLORE – 5630 per sq.m.

2 NELLORE (WC) – 5630 per sq.m.

3 AN – NELLORE PH-I & II – 5630 per sq.m.

4 IP Pynampuram & Krishnapatnam (Vg), Nellore District, Allotment to M/s NCC Power Pvt Ltd – 223 per sq.m.

5 VENKATACHALAM – 2120 per sq.m.

6 TADA (IIDC) – 2120 per sq.m.

7 GUDUR – 1420 per sq.m.

8 KAVALI – 2820 per sq.m.

9 PANNAMGADU – 2820 per sq.m.

10 IP NAIDUPET – 1171 per sq.m.

11 MPSEZ,NAIDUPET – To be fixed

12 IP ATTIVARAM (Acres 302.03) – To be fixed

13 IP MAMBATTU Phase I (Acres 72.20) – 960 per sq.m.

14 IP MAMBATTU Phase II (Acres 308.83) – To be fixed

15 VENGAMAMBAPURAM (V), Naidupet (M), (Acres 4.97 under Land Acquisition for others) – 280 per sq.m.

16 IP Pudi (Tada Mandal) (Acres 51.26) – 1085 per sq.m.

17 NAKKALAKALVA KANDRIGA (V), CHILLAKUR (M), (Acres 51.45) M/s Suphalam Infracon (P) Ltd – 250 per sq.m. (Reserve Price for Auction)

18 IP SURVEPALLI, BIT-II Village, Venkatachalam (M) (Acres -119.49) (UDL) – 340 per sq.m.

19 IP EPURU – 515 per sq.m. (This rate only for M/s Container Corporation of India)

20 IP PANTAPALEM (UDL) – 390 per sq.m.

21 IP THAMMINAPATNAM (Exp) (Includes DESALINATION PLANT) – 470 per sq.m.



Sl.No IP Name No. of Plots No. of Sheds Area(Sqm) Land Rate in Rupees per Sqm Remarks Purpose of Industrial Park
1 IP ATTIVARAM 58 0 630572 740 Price Yet to be Fixed For all Industrial Activities (Subject to EC/APPCB Clearance)
2 IP BALLAVOLU 1 0 842060 0 Price yet to be fixed
3 IP GRADDAGUNTA 1 0 196644 0 Price yet to be fixed
4 IP JATLAKONDURU 1 0 54433 0 Price yet to be fixed
5 IP KOTHAPATNAM 1 0 2172754 0 Price yet to be fixed
6 IP NAIDUPET 145 0 2516488 1171 By Allotment
7 IP NAIDUPETA UN-DEVELOPED LAND 1 0 121410 1171 By Allotment For all Industrial Activities (Subject to EC/APPCB Clearance)
8 IP NAKKALAKALVA KANDRIGA 1 0 208219 250 By Auction
9 IP PUDI BLOCK-B (UDL) 1 0 5100 1085 Valid from:23-01-2015 to 30-06-2015
10 IP RAMDAS KANDRIGA 1 0 312793 0 Price yet to be fixed
11 IP SARVEPALLI 1 0 29867 340 Valid from:01-09-2015 to 29-02-2016
12 IP THAMMINAPATNAM 1 0 4111226 470 Valid from:08-05-2015 to 31-03-2016
13 IP VENKATAREDDYPALEM 1 0 304213 0 Price yet to be fixed
14 IP YERUR TANK 1 0 81952 0 Price yet to be fixed
15 IP_KRISHNAPATNAM 1 0 1743205 0 Price yet to be fixed
16 IP_MAMBATTU PHASE-I 2 0 13518 960 Valid from:01-09-2015 to 29-02-2016 For all Industrial Activities (Subject to EC/APPCB Clearance), since plots are nearer to Pulikat Lake.
17 IP_MAMBATTU PHASE-II 1 0 844905 0 Price yet to be fixed For all Industrial Activities (Subject to EC/APPCB Clearance)
18 IP_PYNAMPURAM 1 0 1310136 223 Price to be Reviewed
19 IP_TADA 27 0 63607 2120 Valid from:01-09-2015 to 29-02-2016
20 SEZ NAIDUPETA 6 0 7715692 750 Price Yet to be Fixed For MPSEZ – Others (Subject to EC/APPCB Clearance)
21 Textile Park Venkatagiri 1 0 202027 0 Price yet to be fixed
22 WOOD COMPLEX NELLORE 1 0 2054 5630 Valid from:01-09-2015 to 29-02-2016
255 0 23482875



Three more factories coming up at APIIC Mambattu SEZ near Sullurupet, Nellore

ml dalmia laminators mambattu sez nellore

APIIC zonal manager Mr VN Rao revealed in a press briefing yesterday that three more industries by Indian companies are coming to Mambattu SEZ shortly, apart from the recently announced Indus Coffee venture.

ml dalmia laminators mambattu sez nellore

Dalmia Laminators of ML Dalmia Group will setup a Plastic Woven Sacks (PWS) manufacturing facility for bulk packaging of Cement, Fertilizer, Food grains & Sugar, Chemicals and other commodities in a 5 acre land. Another 5 acre plot has been allotted to EQIC Dies & Moulds to manufacture dies and moulds for automotive sector. Asrani Pipes and Profiles also will be setting up an unit here for manufacturing aluminium profiles.

An MoU for a wire making industry announced sometime back did not materialize as the investors backtracked on their promise.

Indus Coffee to invest Rs80 crore in instant coffee plant in Mambattu

food empire singapore

Indus Coffee Pvt Ltd is investing about Rs80 crore to setup an instant coffee manufacturing plant at Mambattu SEZ, Tada mandal near Sullurupet in Nellore district. The Mambattu Industrial Park located near Tada is operated by APIIC.

food empire singapore

APIIC allocated 30 acres of land for the coffee plant, where ground breaking ceremony was performed on 15th August. The factory is expected to commence operations in an year and provide employment to about 300 people.

Singapore based Food Empire Holdings Ltd recently incorporated a private limited company in Hyderabad, India called Indus Coffee Private limited in 2012. Food Empire Holdings is a major food and beverages company that deals with 200 types of products exported to 50 countries with own brands like – MacCoffee, Klassno, FesAroma, Bésame, OrienBites, MacCandy, Kracks, MacFood, Zinties and Hyson.

APIIC invites entrepreneurs to setup industries in SPSR Nellore district

APIIC extended invitation to entrepreneurs to set up industries in SPSR Nellore district. 14 industrial plots in multi-product SEZ in Nayudupeta, 25 plots in Attivaram industrial park, 5 plots in Mambattu SEZ Phase-I and 29 plots in Mambattu SEZ Phase-II are available in the district. Plots are also available for lease.

apiic logo


Contact: Mr V Nageswara Rao, Zonal Manager. 98489 33878

APIIC Land-Rates in industrial parks and SEZs in Nellore


Adidas global head visits Nellore

Mr Glenn Bennett, global operations head of the German based Adidas AG, paid a visit to Apache Footwear unit at Mambattu SEZ in SPSR Nellore district. Mr Glenn planted a tree at the Apache Footwear premises to mark the occasion.

Mr Glenn Bennett began his professional career with Reebok International Ltd. in 1983 and then moved on to Adidas AG as Head of Worldwide Development. He is responsible for Global Operations activities. He holds a degree in computer science. He is married and lives in Nuremberg.

ReGen PowerTech – ‘Made in Nellore’ wind turbines

For the residents of Nellore, wind power generators are a common sight. One can see the wind power generators on Narasimhakonda from many places in Nellore town. The best view though is from the Penna Bridge.  ReGen Powertech, which has an unit in Nellore near Tada in APIIC SEZ at Mambattu village, is India’s largest  manufacturer of MW class, gearless wind turbine manufactures. They have a technical partnership  with Vensys of Germany. The uniqueness of  the turbines made here is  that, they are made with a minimalist approach. These turbines have  few numbers of wearing parts and make exclusive use of long-life  components. They offer the advantages of compact construction, efficient energy conversion and intelligent design.

ReGen Powertech is also actively involved in corporate social responsibility activities. As a part of the corporate social responsible activities, they had organised distribution of Uniforms, Notebooks, Slates, Bench, Desks, and School Bags etc to the schools present at the vicinity of the factory located at TADA in Andhra Pradesh.
– Nellore Lover

Apache – ‘Made in Nellore’ German shoes.

If you are shopping for the latest Adidas shoes (Germany-based Adidas is a leading sports apparel and equipment manufacturer.) in a posh shopping mall, they could well have come from Nellore.

Apache Footwear India manufactures Adidas shoes in its SEZ, spread over 314 acres, located in Mambattu village near Sullurpet.  It provides employment to about 6,300 people.  These employees with their bright green T-shirts paint the roads green when all of them come out at once at the end of their shift. It has a turnover of around Rs 300 crores. Apache exports its shoes mainly to Europe, the US and Russia.

Apache currently produces around four lakh pairs of shoes per month and aims to double production of shoes from its special economic zone (SEZ) here to 8 lakh pairs a month by 2014.
-Nellore Lover

List of Special Economic Zones (SEZ’s) in SPSR Nellore District

SPSR Nellore district has a number of industrial parks and SEZs set up by APIIC and/or private companies.

Sri City SEZ Nellore
Sri City SEZ Layout
  • Sri City SEZ: Most popular SEZ under private management near Tada on Tamil Nadu border spread across Nellore and Chittoor districts.
  • Menakuru SEZ: Notified in Feb 2009, it is a multi-product SEZ near Naidupeta in 2550 acres covering Dwarakapuram, Pallepalem, Menkuru, Konetrajupalem and Palluchuru villages with 3,000 employment potential.
  • MAS Fabric Parks: Notified in Nov 2007, it is a textile and apparel SEZ in Chintavaram near Chillakur apread over 583 acres and an employment potential of 30,000.
  • Mambattu SEZ: Spread over 250 acres in Mambattu village near Sullurupet, the SEZ is managed by APIIC. It is said to have an employment potential of 10,000.
  • Krishnapatnam SEZ: A multi-product SEZ near Chillakur village of Kota mandal spread over 2526 acres with an employment potential of 2,000.
  • Apache SEZ: Notified in Aug 2006, it is a footwear SEZ spread over 257 acres with an employment potential of 15,000.
  • IFFCO Kissan SEZ: An agri-products and fertilizers SEZ in Kodavalur and Dagadarthi villages near Nellore, spread over 2,776 acres with an employment potential of 5,000. Notified in Apr 2010.
  • Bhartiya International SEZ: Notified in May 2009, it is a leather products SEZ in 250 acres near Tada on Tamil Nadu border.