SHAR Nellore is the overall champion in ISRO sports

Satish Dhawan Space Center, popularly known as SHAR in Sriharikota, Nellore became the overall champion in ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) employees sports meet here. About 500 ISRO employees from its 11 centers across India participated in the Inter Sports Meet – 2011 held in two phases from Dec 20 to 30 here.

Vikram Sarabhai Space Center (VSSC), Thiruvananthapuram stood second while Satellite Applications Center (SAT), Ahmedabad stood in third place.


79 Nellore students selected for admission to government sports academies

79 Nellore students were selected for admission to government sports academies under various categories like athletics, basket ball, kho kho, kabaddi and volleyball. Selections were held at AC Subba Reddy Sports Complex, Nellore.

Eenadu Vasundhara Surf Excel Rangoli Competitions in Nellore, Gudur, Kavali

Eeandu group is organizing Vasundhara Muggula Poteelu (Rangoli Competitions) in Nellore, Gudur and Kavali of SPSR Nellore district. Read the ad below for more details.


Ratnam schools excel in Eenadu-Hai Bujji quiz competitions in Nellore

All the three prizes were won by Ratnam groups schools in the Eenadu-Hai Bujji quiz competitions held in Nellore. First prize was on by Bala Sandeep Reddy and Sai Sree Harsha of Ratnam Olympiad School, Nellore. Second prize was won by Ranadev Varma and Roopesh of Ratnam Techno School, Nellore. Third prize was won by Nikhil Singh and Nanda Vikas of Ratnam Global School, Nellore.

Manasu Kavi Dr. Acharya Aatreya

Kilambi Venkata Narasimhacharyulu, better known as Acharya Aatreya was born on 7 May 1921 in Mangalampadu village near Sullurpeta, Nellore. Before becoming a film lyricist he wrote many plays and dramas. Some of his famous plays are ‘N.G.O’ (Non-gazetted officer), Bhayam, Viswa Shanti, Kappalu, Goutama Buddha, Ashoka Samrat, Parivartanam, Edureeta and Tirupathi. His play Evaru Donga was staged more than100 times in Nellore alone not counting the shows in other parts of Andhra Pradesh.

1950 marked his entry in to the film world, with the song ‘Poraa Baabu Po’ for the film ‘Deeksha’. He wrote  the script for film ‘Samsaaram’ in the same year.  Athreya also produced and directed the filmVagdanam in 1961. His songs were, had simple words but were full of philosophical hints. There are many people who love him for the words of wisdom he had put into the songs. I am one such fan. My all time favourite quote is “అనుకున్నామని జరగవు అన్ని, అనుకూలెదని ఆగవు కొన్ని,జరిగీవన్నీ మంచికని అనుకూవదమె మనిషి పని” (anukunnaamani jaragavu anni, anukooledani aagavu konni,jarigeevannii manchikani anukoovadame manishi pani). He made many Telugu people shed a tear with his heart touching songs. He will be remembered for generations for his songs. He was popularly known as ‘Manasu Kavi’. And there is a popular saying about him ఆత్రేయ రాయకుండా నిర్మాతల్ని, రాసి ప్రేక్షకుల్ని ఏడిపిస్తాడు’ . He made everyone cry on 13 September 1989 when he breathed his last in Madras. He was awarded an Honorary Doctorate Degree by Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Open University of Hyderabad, for his contributions to Telugu Literature.

There are many songs that he is famous for. Here are my favourites in no particular order.

Seshasailavasa Srivenkatesha

Silalapai Silpaalu Chekkinaru

Nee Sukhame Ne Koruthunna

Kaarulo Shikarukelle

Prema Entha Madhuram Priyuralu antha katinam

Prema Ledhani Premincha raadhani

Edhuta neeve

Theta theta Telugula tellavari velugula Terula Selayerula

Unnavaa Asalunnavaa Unte Kallu Moosukunnavaa

Kaarulo Shikarukelle

Aaduthu Paaduthu Panichestuntu

Muddabanthi Poovulo

Neevuleka Veena Palukalenannadi

Tella Cheera Kattukunnadi Evari Kosamu

Kanulu Kanulato Kalabadite

Pandavulu Pandavulu Tummeda

Manasu Gati Inte Manishi Bratukinte

Bharatha Mathaku Jejelu

Amma Choodali Ninnu Naannani Choodali

Unnavaa Asalunnavaa Unte Kallu Moosukunnavaa

Kallalo Unnadedo Kannulake Telusu

Sirimalle Poovalle Navvu Chinnari Papalle Navvu

Kurralloy Kurrallu Verrekki Vunnollu

Mauname Nee Basha O Mooga Manasa

Andamaina Lokamani

Saapatu Etu Ledhu Paataina Padu Brother

Velapala Ledu Kurrallataku

Chinnaari Ponnaari Kittayyaa

Tell us your favourite Atreya songs.


– Nellore Lover

Flamingo Festival poster released in Sullurupeta, SPSR Nellore district

SPSR Nellore district collector Sridhar release the event publicity poster for Flemingo Festival to be held in Sullurupeta, Tada and Doravari Satram mandals of SPSR Nellore district on 7th and 8th January 2012. Flemingo Festival convenor Ravi Prakash said that the Flemingo Festival will be inaugurated by the finance minister Mr Anam Ramanarayana Reddy on 7th morning.

Tourists can travel for free during these two days from Sullurupeta to Nelapattu bird sanctuary and Bheemunivari Palem boating area in Pulicat lake. Boat rides also will be free of cost.

Meghadoot Award for Nellore postal employee

Y.Murali Krishna Prasad of Nellore Main Post Office received Meghadoot Award, a national level award from Indian Postal Service. Central minister Kapil Sibal handed over the Meghdoot Award to Murali. Congratulations Murali!

He joined postal service in 1993 as postman. He hails from Indukuripeta in Nellore district. He also received a state level Uttama Sewa award in 2010.