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Prabhagiri Patnam, Podalakur

Prabhagiri Patnam, a tiny hamlet located 11 km from Podalakur in Nellore district of Andhra Pradesh, is a village of relics. A magnificent Siva temple that was built during the Chola regime is in a dilapidated condition now. Majority of the 101 smaller temples and ancient stone wells in the village have crumbled over time.

It is believed that the name ‘Patnam’ indicates that it was a trade centre during the medieval period. Temples were also constructed here during the early period of the Vijayanagara Empire in the 14th century. Megalithic burials found in the area indicated that the village dated back to at least 500 BC. According to the villagers, most of the temples were destroyed in invasions by Muslim kings in the medieval era.

Only the Perumallaswamy temple and a Siva temple built of beautifully carved granite stones are remaining now. The archeology department restored the Perumallaswamy temple. However, the Siva temple has been ravaged by treasure hunters. Prabhagiri Patnam is surrounded by four hills, Krishnamma konda, Pedakonda, Chirutalakonda and Vishnukonda; and it is believed that each hill had a temple in the past. A stone idol of lord Krishna is still lying atop Krishnammakonda, though the temple is in ruins.

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