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Vikrama Simhapuri University, VSU, Nellore

Vikrama Simhapuri University, Nellore, came into being in 2008, fulfilling the long-cherished dream of the people of Nellore district. It started offering six Postgraduate courses of contemporary relevance from August 2008. Research programmes leading to the award of the Ph.D. degree were launched in August 2010.

Government of Andhra Pradesh has authorized the University to exercise its powers of affiliation under the A.P. Universities Act, 1991, to bring UG/PG/ MBA & MCA (Professional)/Oriental, B.Ed, Law, colleges and one Engineering college, in Sri Potti Sreeramulu Nellore district under its jurisdiction from the academic year 2010 – 11. Thus 127 colleges, hitherto affiliated to Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati, have been brought under the fold of Vikrama Simhapuri University, Nellore. Meanwhile the University Grants Commission conferred recognition on the degrees awarded by Vikrama Simhapuri University in Jan 2010. The Association of Indian Universities has brought the University under its fold in June, 2010.

VSU logo and its significance:


The emblem of Vikrama Simhapuri University carries on its top the Sudarsana Chakra indicating the immortality of the pursuit of dispelling the forces of darkness leading to the dawning of the light of truth and wisdom, Tamasoma Jyotirgamaya. The Sudarsana Chakra also shows how Vikrama Simhapuri University carves itself out of the territorial jurisdiction of Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati. At the bottom of the emblem is the Purna Kumbha, the edifice on which the emblem is poised, signifying a sense of fulfillment, a totality of being that follows true education. In the middle is the Asoka Chakra, symbolizing the quest for dharma that is inclusive. It obliterates distinctions and lays the foundations of equality, and thus access, both of which form the bedrock of the spread of education in tune with the lofty idealism of a democratic society.

Nellore, once “Dhanyapuri” or “Nel-ur”, is known for its agriculture and hence the vistas of the paddy field in the emblem. Then there is the “V” sign standing for Vikrama Simhapuri University, set against the backdrop of the refulgent glow of the rising sun signifying the new order sought to be ushered in by the establishment of a University in Sri Potti Sri Ramulu Nellore district. Against this horizon of change betokened by the emblem, there is the image of Chandrayan launched by SHAR circling the “V” sign and zooming into the skies, into the infinite space of the universe and into the exploration and discovery of knowledge. The circling of Chandrayan reveals the intertwining of objectives and quests between the University and the world of rapid technological advance. It points in the direction of the spirit of collaborations and common pursuits in search of true unravelling. Chandrayan also represents the transition from an agricultural phase to the technological realm, which Nellore has witnessed in the recent decades on account of the thrust on industrialization and the rapid concourse of trade and commerce consequent on the development of the Krishnapatnam Port.

The Sanskrit epithet for the motto “Satyam Gnanamanantham” is taken from the “Anandavalli” of Taittiriya Upanishad (2.1.1). This sruti vachana proclaims that truth, knowledge and wisdom are infinite and eternal.

Courses Offered by VSU:

The University is currently offering ten courses:

  • MCA
  • MBA
  • MBA Tourism Management (TM)
  • M.Sc Organic Chemistry
  • M.Sc Marine Biology
  • M.Sc Biotechnology
  • M.Sc Microbiology
  • M.A English
  • M.A Telugu
  • Master of Social Work

Two Regular courses and two PG Diploma Courses are being offered from the year 2012.

Regular Courses:

  • M.Com Banking and Finance
  • M.Sc Food Technolody

PG Diploma courses:

  • PG Diploma in Fire and Safety
  • PG Diploma in Environment and Health

* These PG Diploma Courses are offered through an MoU with Krishnapatnam Sercurity Services (Pvt) Limited, Krishnapatnam, Muthukur Mandal.

PhD Programmes were started in 2010 in Six Departments:

  • Computer Science
  • Business Management
  • Biotechnology
  • Chemistry
  • Marine Biology
  • Social Work

The University has launched Ph.D. programmes in Eleven disciplines, namely, Computer Science, Business Management, Biotechnology, Chemistry, English, Commerce, Economics, Physics, Zoology, Marine Biology, and Social Work, with effect from the academic year 2010 -11. 

Contact Details

Prof. G. Rajarami Reddy (Vice-Chancellor)


Prof. K. Nagendra Prasad (Registrar)

Prof. M. Chandraiah (Dean, College Development Council)
+91 9397670214


Prof. M. Srinivasulu Reddy (Principal, VS University College)


Prof. P.R. Siva Sankar (Special Officer, Kavali)


Sri S. Murali Mohan (Controller of Examinations)
+91-861-2352356, 2352357



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