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Murali Krishna Tiffins – taking Nellore’s fame across borders

Being a citizen of Nellore, I pass by Murali krishna Tiffins near Madras bus stand every day. I never had any special regards for it. It was just another good place to have breakfast. I am used to my friends saying good things about this place which I never took seriously. But all this changed in the last one week, during which three separate incidents made me see Murali Krishna with a new regard and appreciation. Incident one: I was in Bangalore to meet my friend and I happened to tell a software engineer that I am from Nellore, she immediately said “Muralikrishna” and continued, “I am from Guntur, and whenever I drive from Bangalore to Guntur I make it a point to not take the bye-pass and eat at Muralikrishna. On my way back to Bangalore, I make it a point to pack something from there.” Incident two: I had an NRI friend visiting Nellore on business purpose for few hours. As soon as he landed, he said “Take me to Murali Krishna”. I convinced him that we should finish work first. After work, when I thought he almost forget about it, he dragged me into Muralikrishna. He ordered special idly, which is made by steaming idly batter directly in an oval shaped, steel bowl and served along with the steel bowl. This is unlike the usual ‘idly shaped’ idly(how else can one describe the shape of idly), Did he like it? Yes very much. And the next time this NRI visits Nellore, I better take him to Muralikrishna before he asks. Incident three: He is a CEO of a Vijayawada based company. He often travels across the world. Whenever he travels between Vijayawada and Chennai, he gets someone deliver packed food from Muralikrishna, at railway station. Now when I pass by Madras busstand, I look at Muralikrishna with pride. Thank you Murali Krishna for making Nellore famous across the state and country borders. If you are from Nellore,do share your experiences about Murali Krishna Tiffins. If you are passing by Nellore, do drop in. You won’t be disappointed. -Nellore Lover


  1. It used to be the only meals hotel around Madras Bus Stand. Chinese Parota is another famous item from Muralikrishna.

  2. lakshmi

    Please don’t remind me of Chinese Parota, i feel like running to nellore right now. I love it along with some extra butter. Ice creams are also too good.

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