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Mega Nellore becomes a reality

17 villages from 10 panchyats surrounding Nellore are being merged into Nellore city, tripling the area under its fold from 48 sq km to 149 sq km. Approximately 75,000 people from these villages will now be part of Nellore city. Though the proposal was put forth way back in 2006, it is only now that the government has released orders. However official announcement will be released only after declaring the ongoing 2011 census figures. The merger process is likely to be completed by April 2011.

The villages being merged are Allipuram, Navalakula Thota, Raju Palem, Chinthareddy Palem, Dhanalkshmi Puram, Gundla Palem, Kanaparthy Padu, Kalluru Palli, Buja Buja Nellore, Kothuru, Potte Palem, Amba Puram, Pedda Cherukuru, Koduru Padu, Narayana Reddy Peta and Gudipalli Padu.

Real estate sector is expected to get another boost with this announcement.



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