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Nellore district to dominate in Smart Village Activity

Nellore district which has become a major industrial seat of east coast with host of industries is all set to take lead in corporate social responsibility (CSR) activity as well. The district administration has shortlisted 40 of them for partnerships in development and welfare activities and also to promote smart village concept.

These industries have been actively engaged in the thermal power generation, ports, edible oils, refined vegetable oils, textiles, steel, wind power, biomass, batteries, footwear, sponge iron and so on. Most of them are keen to take up activities like drinking water supply, medical and health camps, distribution of medicines and so on. Considering the bleak financial situation in the wake of the bifurcation, the managements of different industries are volunteering to give their support.

Against this background, district Collector M.Janaki held a review meeting on the CSR activities in the district in which the representativesof Sri Damodaram Sanjeevaiah Thermal Power Station, Simhapuri Energy, Meenakshi Energy, Krishnapatnam Port Company Ltd, Apache Footwear India, Loyal Textiles participated.

In Nellore city, Mayor Abdul Aziz who is also the CEO of the Star Agro exports company adopted the 52nd division under the smart ward concept. Krishnapatnam Port Company Ltd plans to take up works in several villages around the port under the ‘Smart Village’ concept in response to the call of the government.


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