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Karthika Pournami celebrated at Nellore

“Karthika Pouranmi”, the traditional festival is celebrated on full moon day of Karthika Masam, is one of the most auspicious days for a Hindu. This month is the only month in which both Lord Shiva and Vishnu are worshipped. All Vishnu and Shiva temples are full with the devotees wanting a darshan of their deities.

Devotees thronged Mulapeta Sivalayam, Raja Rajeswari temple, Jonnavada Kamakshi temple and RamaThirtham temple in large numbers to offer prayers and also performed Satyanarayana Swamy Vratham coinciding with Pournami at various temples and at their residences.  Women lit oil lamps and offered prayers. Temples witnessed a steady stream of devotees throughout the day.


People have taken a holy dip at Mypadu beach where Government have taken initiative and arranged for 11 feet Shiva lingam. Officials have taken care of all the arrangements.  Vijaya Dairy has supplied milk with free of cost. Devotees  performed abhishekam for shiva lingam and lso performed govupuja and lit the diya.

State Minsiter P.Narayana, Collector Srikanth, MP Mekapati, MLA Anil Kumar Yadav, JC Rekha Rani, MPP Kailasam Renuka and tahsildars  and other officials had taken care of all the arrangements.

Karthika Pournami  is also celebrated as the day on which Lord Vishnu incarnated as Matsyaavataram happened on Karthika Pournami. This avtara was to save Manu from the MahaPralaya.

The common rituals of Karthika Pournami is having river bath and praying to Lord Shiva and fast have to observe for the whole day. Devotees visit the temple of lord Shiva and lit the lamps. The lamp is lit with 365 wicks. It indicates each wick is for each day of the year. Some devotees would light a wick on the floats made from the stems of the Banana Tree and set it afloat on the river. Few devotees would also give Deepa Danam or donate a lit diya. A diya will also be lit infront of the Tulasi plant where the idols of Radha and Krishna are kept.

Satyanarayana Vratam and Ekadasi Rudra Abhishekam is also performed on Kathika Pournami.







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