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Sri Ramalingeswara Swami Brahmotsvams in Rama Thirtham, Nellore

Brahmotsavam of Sri Ramalingeswara Swami of Ramathirtham beach, Vidavaluru Mandalam, Nellore are commencing from 29th June and will conclude on 9th July 2013.

The temple was originally built in 14th century by Pallava kings and was later rebuilt in 18th century by Kotamreddy Seshadri Reddy, which was later renovated by Alturi Adinarayana Reddy and friends in 2010.

29th June- Ankurarpanam

30th June – Dhwajarohanam, Sesha Vahanam

1st July – Chilaka Vahanam

2nd July – Hamsa Vahanam

3rd July – Puli Vahanam

4th July – Ravana Seva

5th July – Nandi Seva

6th July- Rathotsavam

7th July – Kalyanam, Enugu Vahanam

8th July – Samudra Snanam, Theppotsavam, Gurrapu Vahanam, Paru veta

9th July – Dhwajavarohanam, Ekanta Seva


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