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Dr Ravindranath Kancharla, Global Hospitals

Dr Kancharla Ravindranath, a Surgical Gastroenterologist, is the Chairman and Managing Director of Global Hospitals Group. Global Hospitals has carved a niche for itself in India’s health care industry by excelling in areas ranging from diagnosis to multi-organ transplantation, from simple procedures to complex surgeries, international expertise and state–of-the-art infrastructure. Today, it is a one-stop health care destination for people across the country and abroad.

Dr Ravindranath was born in Chiramana village near Anuma Samudram Peta (A.S. Peta). An alumni of Venkatagiri Raja College (V.R> College) in Nellore, he used to walk 5 km to attend his high school in A.S. Peta.  He finished his MBBS from Tirupathi in 1981, MS from Chennai in 1984 and then went to London for higher studies.

He established Global Hospitals in Hyderabad in the year 1998. Following the success of the first center, Global Hospitals soon expanded to Bengaluru and Chennai. Shortly afterwards it became the leader in performing liver, heart, lung, kidney and heart-lung transplantation, as well as bone marrow transplantation. The group is now working on new hospitals at Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi and Bhubaneswar. The 1000 bed hospital in Chennai is the largest such facility in South India. He is now planning to open a hospital in Nellore soon.


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