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Interview with B.Manohar Reddy, Akshada Foundation caught up with the busy Manohar Reddy, Akshada Foundation. Here’s what followed…

1.What is this buzz about lakhs of saplings being planted in Nellore?

Nellore District administration is planning to plant about 4 lakh samplings in the coming weeks.

2. Government plants saplings every year. What is special this year?

This is a massive tree plantation program that is very unique. This is a collaborative effort of DWMA, AP Social Forestry Department, 3573 Government Schools, 249872 school children and Akshada Foundation. Under this initiative, 3,91,842 saplings are about to be planted in the next few weeks, and they will be monitored for an year to ensure that all of them survive. This program also has the blessings of the District Collector Mr.B.Sridhar

3. How does Akshada ensure that the plants survive after they are planted?

Akshada educates students about the need for trees, and motivates them to plant a sapling. Akshada provides the sapling and the ‘MY Tree’ card which the students use to record the growth of the plant for an year.

  • Each student is given only one tree, so that they can focus completely on that
  • The student takes care of the plant and records the growth status monthly on the ‘MY Tree’ progress card
  • If the plant dies in the middle of the year, the student is given a another sapling
  • All students get a ‘Green Crusader’ certificate at the end of the year
  • The best nurtured tree is selected from each school group and that student is given a special certificate.

4. Do you have any past experience in this type of work?

Akshada Foundation has already done a pilot of the plant monitoring in the past years. Under the pilot, 500 children from 5 schools were selected and each were given a sapling and a ‘MY Tree’ card to record the progress of the growth of the plant. At the end of the year, an impressive 420 saplings survived.

5. Beyond protecting plants, do you have any bigger objective behind ‘MY Tree’?

This program is not about just saving a plant for an year. It is about creating a lifelong bond between the student and the plant, and making the student a green warrior

6. How can an average Nellore citizen help you?

You can donate any amount of money to the program:

  • You can adopt a complete school, village/town or mandal where this program is being carried out
  • For amounts more than 10,000/-, donors name will be printed on the ‘MY Tree’ cards and donors will be sent quarterly status of their plants.

Print ‘MY Tree’ cards:

  • Print as many ‘MY Tree’ cards as you can and donate them to Akshada


  • Create awareness about this program by sharing this information

7. I want to donate money? Who should I contact?

  • You can transfer or deposit money to the Corporation Bank account of Akshada Foundation
    • If you are sending from the same bank: Corporation Bank, Nellore  A/c No: 2509 and Branch No: 2095
    • If you are transferring from a different bank: Corporation Bank, Nellore A/c No: SB 01002509 and IFSC NO: CORP0002095
    • You can send a crossed check or DD in favor of Akshada Foundation payable at Nellore to the address given below
    • You can visit Akshada Foundation office in person, handover cash and get a receipt. Address is given below.

How can you reach Akshada Foundation?

B Manohar Reddy

Akshada Foundation
27/603, 3rd Street,
Chandramouli Nagar,
Opp. Nippo Factory,
Nellore – 524 004
Andhra Pradesh, India

Ph: +91-861-2304848
Mobile : +91 – 9492934142
Email :



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  1. Now what is the status of those four lakh tree saplings?

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