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Tollywood exploring new locations to construct Film Studio near Tada, Nellore Dt

Tollywood producer Suresh Babu and venture capitalist Srini Raju are planning to construct a filim studio which will have all the facilities for a filimmaker.

Tada is the ideal place for a film studio as there beautiful natural locations which are good for shoots. Tada  location is also close to Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu borders and this facility will be useful  to both Tollywood and Kollywood industries. This place is also near to Chittoor were many shooting have taken place earlier.


According to the plan, studio will be built with two floors for shooting, along with recording studios and technical laboratories. It will be built in 3000 acres and will be completed within two years’ time. Like Ramoji Filim City, this studio will also be opened for general public.

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