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Sachin Tendulkar visits Puttamraju Kandriga Village, Gudur Mandal, Nellore

Rajya Sabha member and cricketer Sachin Tendulkar has visited the village which was adopted by him for the development as part of Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojana.

Sachin was given a warm welcome by Krishnapatnam Port officials on Saturday evening up on his arrival. He also received a guard of honour by the probationers at the Port security academy.

This is his first visit to the village after his announcement to adopt the village. He has allocated Rs 2.79 crore from his MP Local Area Development Scheme fund for the development work. He has laid foundation stones for various schemes like developing roads, power, and water supply and also other community projects like ensuring the presence of toilet in every house. He also assured that funds may also be allocated for providing wi-fi connectivity to the village residents.


Tendulkar met members of women’s health groups, and told them that this is the first step towards development of this village and I feel to make a change, is not as difficult as maintaining what has changed. He told them that they have to maintain and look after the place. He also made a point that it is important to keep the toilets clean and teach the children so that they grow up in the right manner and become bright stars of our nation


He thanked the people of the village for showering their love and affection on him and began his speech by greeting them in Telugu. He expressed his hope that they will keep their promise and next time when he visits the village he wants to see the village a much better place.

Andhra Pradesh Minister for Urban Development P. Narayana and Nellore District Collector N. Srikanth explained various development works to be undertaken. Tendulkar heard with keen attention when an SHG member explained how the women’s groups are formed, and how they save money and undertake various social activities.

A festive atmosphere prevailed in the village as local residents, especially youngsters, were excited to see and meet the cricket icon. He shook hands with school children, interacted with them and also played some cricket with them.

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