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Rottela Pandaga 2014 starts from November 4th at Bara Shaheed Dargah, Nellore

Rottela Panduga or the Roti festival is an annual religious event organised at Bara Shaheed Dargah in Nellore city,  will be held at the Swarnala Cheruvu for three days starting from November 4th  . More than 5 lakh devotees from across the world are expected to visit Nellore on these days.


A devotee whose wishes are fulfilled brings rotis and walk knee-deep in to the Cheruvu (tank)  and leaves the roti to another devotee who wants to make wishes at the dargah.

District administration is making elaborate arrangements for pilgrims coming from several states and countries.

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  1. Sahubar Sathik

    Assalamu Alaikkum,

    Im Sahubar Sathik from Chennai..

    We Waiting for coming nellore this year roti festival…..

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