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Nellore gained unique distinction for having highest number of e-toilets

Nellore is the first district in the country with the highest number of e-toilets in its schools. Nellore has got the unique distinction for having 461 self cleaning toilets.

Eram Scientific Solutions which is a Kerala based manufacturer of electronic toilets has deployed automated and self cleaning e-toilets across Nellore schools as part of corporate social responsibility initiatives of TCS. This automatic model will wash the floor automatically, has automatic exhaust fan, ceiling light, which has in-built sensors to conserve electricity and water.

This system works on both solar and electric grid and costs Rs 1 lakh which comes with one year warranty and insurance coverage.

Chairman of the Eram Group, Mr. Siddek Ahmed said that they are happy in creating a profund impact on the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan by providing technology enabled sanitation which was unheard of in the country before.

Eram Scientific has received over 38 national and international awards for their innovative intervention in sanitation.

Nellore e-toilets

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