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Flamingo festival started at Pulicat Lake

AP government is to organize two day Flamingo festival at Pulicat lake. Government has made many arrangements for the event to attract the attention of tourists.

Government has released Rs 1 crore for the festival as a state event. Boating facility at BVPalem point of the lake has also been arranged by the officials with the help of local fishermen. To attract tourists sports, cultural programes and dance shows have been organized for the festival.

Municipal Administration Minister P.Narayana said that all attracts are being made to attract tourists in the district as its surroundings have huge potential in terms of nature and has many beaches. He also pointed out that the country like Singapore is equipped with world class infrastructure which attracts the tourist and due to which the Singapore government earns annual revenue of Rs. 2 lakh crore.
District collector M.Janaki said that to attract the tourists they have campaigned to bring focus on the bird festival and the event has been highlighted through posters at shopping malls in Nellore, Chennai and many other places.

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