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A thousand cows long

One day in the past during British rule, the Nellore district collector was traveling near Krishnapatnam. He had to stop to allow a long line of cows crossing the road. The civil servant waited patiently and spotted a man following the cows in the end.

The collector was curious to know about the owner of this large herd. The man, known in the neighborhood as Veyyi Avula (thousand cows) Rama Chandra Reddy, replied that the herd belonged to him. Then the collector asked him to send some milk to his residence everyday and Mr Reddy agreed to do so. When the collector offered him money for the milk, Mr Reddy politely refused it and replied he can’t milk every cow in his herd and sell it, he just did it out of passion.

The collector was so impressed that he immediately sanctioned a large tract of waste land for cow grazing in the name of Mr Reddy. It is believed that the order is still available in the British archives in London.

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