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Ranganatha Swamy Brahmotsavams from 18th March

Annual brahmotsvams of Ranganatha Swamy in Nellore are set to start from 18th March with Ankurarpanam and conclude on 29th with Theppotsavam.

18th – Akurarpanam

19th – Dhwajarohanam (5 AM) and Seshavahanam (Evening)

20th – Suryaprabha (Morning) and Hamsavahanam (Evening)

21st – Simahavahanam (Morning) and Chandraprabha Vahanam (Evening)

22nd – Pallaki (Morning) and Hanumantha Vahanam (Evening)

23rd – Mohini Avatharam (Morning) and Bangaru Garuda Seva (Evening)

24th – Kalyanotsavam (7 PM)

25th – Radhotsavam (Morning) and Ponnavahanam (Evening)

26th – Ashwavahanam

27th – Pranaya Kalahotsavam and Chakra snanam

28th – Pushpayagam (6 PM), Davanotsavam (9 PM) and Dhvajavarohanam (10 PM)

29th – Theppotsavam

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