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Pralayakaveri Kathalu – S.V.Ramesh

This is a book that I would recommend to every telugu in this world. If you are from Nellore, or you know about Nellore dialect it will be a feast to you. The author  Samala Venkata Ramesh transports you into a different world, his own childhood world, which he expertly recreates using simple daily life telugu. He casts a spell on you. Your eyes see what he sees, you feel what he felt. This book is a collection of stories inspired by the author’s childhood days at Pralayakaveri, in the local dialect. Oh! by the way do you know what is Pralayakaveri? Pulikat lake and its islands were called as Pralayakaveri before it got anglicised.

Ramesh brings alive the past glory of Pralayakaveri in his stories. He introduces you to its people, customs, places, birds, islands and fishes. The author does a great job of cataloging a lot of historic data like types of fishes to types of snacks people ate in the stories in a very unobtrusive way.

This book takes you on an emotional roller coaster. It makes you laugh aloud, float with joy, it burdens your heart, makes your eyes moist, makes you nostalgic, it touches you. I can bet that you can’t escape Ramesh’s spell. You are bound to connect with the author at some level. This book will without fail remind you of something in your life and make you ponder over that for a while. It could be your childhood incidents, friends or your village.

Ramesh wrote this book, after seeing the Pulikat deteriorate, and it is his effort to record the beauty and glory of Pralayakaveri. And Ramesh has more than succeeded in what he has set out to do.

After reading this book, I don’t plan to visit Pulikat. I don’t want the sad reality of today’s Pulikat to ruin the beautiful and soulful picture that Ramesh has etched in my heart. Thank you Ramesh for a great book.

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  1. Nellorean

    Thank you Ramesh for preserving the language used in Tamilnadu bordering regions in Nellore district.

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