Nellore grama panchayath elections Results: 2013 First Phase: Final Tally

Total grama panchayats in Kavali and Atmakur revenue divisions in Nellore district considered for the first phase of grama panchayat elections: 360 sarpanch seats*

Atmakur Constituency: 129 sarpanch seats – Congress:71 – TDP:13 – YSRC:35 – Others:10

Udayagiri Constituency: 143 sarpanch seats – Congress:34 – TDP:40 – YSRC:37 – Others:32

Kavali Constituency: 67 sarpanch seats – Congress:5 – TDP:35 – YSRC:20 – Others:7

Venkatagiri Constituency: 20 sarpanch seats – Congress:3 – TDP:7 – YSRC:9 – Others:1

(Only Kaluvayi mandal)

First Phase Total (Including unanimous): 359 sarpanch seats – Congress:113 – TDP:95 – YSRC:101 – Others:50

* One panchayat in ASPet boycotted the elections.

* 69 sarpanch seats declared unopposed. 290 panchats went to polls.


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