Nellore gram panchayat elections third and final phase results

Telugu Desam Party managed to gain a slight lead over Congress and YSR Congress in the third and final phase of SPSR Nellore district grama panchayath elections. However, YSR Congress is leading in the overall tally with 287 seats out of total 924 grama panchayats.
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Nellore district grama panchayat elections 3rd and final phase tomorrow

Grama Panchayathi elections to 931 village panchayats in SPSR Nellore district are drawing to a close with the third and final phase of elections to be held tomorrow for 257 panchayats in Gudur and Naidupeta revenue divisions.

Gudur revenue division with 9 mandals has 210 panchayats out of which 40 were declared unopposed. There were no nominations in the SC reserved Ranganathapuram panchayat in Chittamuru mandalam. Election will be held in the remaining 169 panchayats tomorrow.

The newly formed Naidupeta revenue division with 6 mandals has 127 panchayats out of which 36 were declared unopposed. Election process was suspended and postponed to 8th August in three panchayats viz. karur, Kadiri and Irakam as these seats were siad to have been auctioned. Election will be held in the remaining 88 village panchayats tomorrow.




Nellore Panchayat Election Results – 2nd Phase – YSR Congress in the lead

YSR Congress has a clear lead over its rivals in the 2nd phase of elections to gram panchayats in Nellore district, held yesterday. Out of 177 panchayats that went to polling yesterday, YSR Congress won 73 sarpanch seats, Congress 49, TDP 26, Left Parties 2, BJP 1 and Others 26. About 84% polling was recorded yesterday with 331,359 votes polled out of 390,263.

Nellore district Mandal wise panchayat election results:

Nellore Rural Mandal- YCP:3, Congress:9, Others:1. Total:13

Kovuru Mandal – YCP:29, Congress:6, TDP:8, Left Parties:2, Others:12. Total:57

Sarvepalli Mandal – YCP:35, Congress:25, TDP:18, BJP:1, Others:12. Total:91

Venkatagiri Mandal – YCP:6, Congress:9, Others:1. Total:16

Nellore grama panchayath elections Results: 2013 First Phase: Final Tally

Total grama panchayats in Kavali and Atmakur revenue divisions in Nellore district considered for the first phase of grama panchayat elections: 360 sarpanch seats*

Atmakur Constituency: 129 sarpanch seats – Congress:71 – TDP:13 – YSRC:35 – Others:10

Udayagiri Constituency: 143 sarpanch seats – Congress:34 – TDP:40 – YSRC:37 – Others:32

Kavali Constituency: 67 sarpanch seats – Congress:5 – TDP:35 – YSRC:20 – Others:7

Venkatagiri Constituency: 20 sarpanch seats – Congress:3 – TDP:7 – YSRC:9 – Others:1

(Only Kaluvayi mandal)

First Phase Total (Including unanimous): 359 sarpanch seats – Congress:113 – TDP:95 – YSRC:101 – Others:50

* One panchayat in ASPet boycotted the elections.

* 69 sarpanch seats declared unopposed. 290 panchats went to polls.


290 Nellore grama panchayats went to polls in the first phase elections. Results declared.

Nellore Grama Panchayat Elections First Phase Results:

Total Panchayats in the first phase: 360

Unanimously elected: 69

Polling not held: 1

Panchayats that went to polls yesterday: 290

Results announced: 287

YSR Congress: 93

Congress: 92

TDP: 74

Others: 28

Results yet to be announced: 3

Under Atmakur Constituency:

Total sarpanch seats: 130. Unanimous: 25. Elections held: 124. Congress: 57. YSR Congress: 32. TDP: 9. Others: 6

Under Udayagiri Constituency:

Total sarpanch seats: 143. Unanimous: 29. Elections held: 114. Congress: 29. TDP: 29. YSR Congress: 35. Others: 20. Results Pending: 1

Under Kavali Constituency:

Total sarpanch seats: 67. Unanimous: 10. Elections held: 57. TDP: 29. YSR Congress: 20. Congress: 4. Others: 2. Results Pending: 2

Under Venkatagiri Constituency: (Only Kaluvayi mandal)

Total sarpanch seats: 20. Unanimous: 5. Elections held: 15. YSR Congress: 7. TDP: 6. Congress: 2.

SPSR Nellore district grama panchayat election nominations closed

Nomination process came to an end for grama panchayat elections in SPSR Nellore district. 4670 sarpanch nominations were received for 931 panchayats. 60 panchayat sarpanches are likely to be declared as elected unanimously. There were no nominations for 2 panchayats viz. Ramachandrapuram in Vidavaluru mandalam and Ranganathapuram of Chittamuru mandalam.

SPSR Nellore district grama panchayat election schedule 2013

Last date for filing nominations : 13 July 5:00 PM
Scrutiny of filed Nominations: 14 July
Last date to withdraw Nominations: 17 July

panchayat elections nellore

As mentioned in an earlier article, panchayat elections would be conducted in three phases.

I phase of Election : 23 July

II phase of Election: 27 July

III phase of Election : 31 July

The polling would be begin at 7 AM and closes at  1:00 PM on the above mentioned dates. The counting would start on the same day of Polling after 2 :00 PM. The results would be declared on the same day of polling.