Nellore City Railway Station

Nellore City Railway station (Code: NLR) falls under South Central Railway (SCR) Zone and Vijayawada Junction Division of Indian Railways. It is on the Vijayawada-Chennai section of Howrah-Chennail main line. It is at an elevation of 69 feet from sea level.


Nellore railway station was opened in 1899 and electrified in 1981. It has 4 platforms now. Nellore is one of the fourteen ‘A’ category stations and one of the ten model stations in the Vijayawada Division of South Central Railway.

Nellore railway station is among the top hundred booking stations of Indian Railways. Nellore Railway Station handles over 120 passenger trains daily (Up and Down) serving about 180,000 passengers everyday on an average.

Click here for Nellore Railway Station Trains Time Table

Railway Station Phone Number: (0861) 2336263

Enquiry Phone Number: 139


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  1. Very worst raily enquiery. I don no why they r sitting when they cannot lift d enq phone. If u ask them they r asking us ti enquire in on line . i wanna adk how many of us having online knowledge . d person comes from rural areas what they knows about online . i am very sad to say it is worst enquiry station it has become now . before it used to be ver good . very sad once again .


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