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Unique scriptless language in Nellore district

Kulluru village in Kaluvayi mandal of SPSR Nellore district is the birth place of a unique language without script. Kulluru language had evolved among the Kulluru based trading community to exchange trade secrets among them, in the early 20th century. Eventually everyone in the village acquired the language.

Elders in Kulluru prefer to speak the language when they meet each other even today. Alas! the language is slowly becoming extinct. I would like to post an audio clipping of the language here, if somebody can share an audio recording with me. Please help!


  1. Kulluru Language to use MARULIPI Script. Marulipi script is created by Kamanuru Kiran Kumar from Nellore Dist.

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    Good to know that. Did you see/hear or know anyone conversing in Kulluru language?


    Marulipi alphabet invented by me. I am in Nellore. Marulipi alphabet is copyrighted. Owner by me. I am a Viswabrahmin cast. Kullur language near by my secret language (Viswabrahmins secret language) for example Naara means Mutton. I know it.

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