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Selections for entry into sports schools in Nellore

SPSR Nellore district level sports schools selections would be conducted in AC Subba Reddy stadium from 11th to 13th and on 16th July 2013. First 15 boys and 15 girls selected at mandal level are eligible to participate in the selections. Those who did not participate in mandal level selections also can come and try.

Update: Postponed to 17th and 18th


Boys and girls studying in 10th to Intermediate can participate. Selections are on for athletics, gymnastics, badminton, basket ball, boxing, chess, cricket, football, hockey, judo, sepak thakra, table tennis, taekwando, swimming, wrestling and weight lifting.

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  1. k.sukumar

    if their is any selections in volley ball u-19 please tell me details

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