Mamidipudi Anandam, a noteworthy politician from Nellore

Sri Mamidipudi Anandam was born in Madras (Chennai) on 13th May 1919. He is the son of Padma Bhushan Mamidipudi Venkatarangayya, a noted political scientist and historical writer from Nellore. His daughter Padma Shri Shantha Sinha, a professor in politics, won the Ramon Magsaysay award for her work in eradicating child labour in certain parts of Andhra Pradesh.


mamidipudi anandam nellore


After graduating from Andhra University with BA degree, he became a successful tax accountant with his own firm M Anandam & Company in 1943. He eventually entered public life, serving as a member of Andhra Pradesh’s legislative council and, later, a member of the Rajya Sabha, in the Parliament of India.

He served as the secretary of Andhra Pradesh Sangeetha Nataka Academy during 1966-68. He also acted as the Managing Trustee of Andhra Mahila Sabha and Mamidipudi Venkatarangayya Foundation.

Sri Anandam passed away on 20th January 2001.



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