Ramanujan film shooting in Nellore Collectorate

Camphor Cinema of Chennai is shooting a few scenes for their upcoming film on mathematician “Srinivasa Ramanujan“ at the District Collectorate in Nellore. The film is being directed by a retired IAS officer and national award winning director Gnana Rajasekharan.
ramanujan movie shooting nellore
The director explains that Ramanujan had approached a former Collector of Nellore, Ramachandra Rao I.C.S, in 1911, for a job. The Collector was furious initially. But when he explained to him about some of his mathematical theorems, Rao realizes the mastermind and goes through the book left behind by Ramanujan.
The film is being made in Tamil and English. Actress Savitri’s grandson Abhinay Ramanujan is playing the lead role. Actor Sarath Babu is playing the role of Ramachandra Rao ICS. Mr Ramachandra Rao’s chambers was located in the Grievance Cell of District Collectorate today. The film is being shot at the same location with permission from authorities.

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