Maha Narasimha Yagam at Penchalakona, Nellore

Penchalakona Narasimha Swamy Temple authorities are planning to conduct a Maha Narasimha Yagam on 2nd February 2012.

Temple authorities are spending about Rs80 lakh for adorning the temple doors with silver cladding. Lord Hanuman will receive a new golden sheath costing Rs8 lakh. 20 new guest rooms and 10 stalls are being built for the convenience of pilgrims visiting Penchalakona.

Donors who contribute Rs1 lakh for Nithyannadanam program will receive free stay, darshan and food for 6 days in a year while those who contribute Rs50,000 will receive 4 days stay, and 2 days for those who donate Rs25,000.



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