Chartered buses from Karnataka for Nellore Rottela Panduga

 I was travelling to Chennai from Nellore on the day of Rottela  Panduga (8-dec-2011). I have spotted at least 20 KSRTC buses on  NH5. I spotted them in areas near Venkatachalam, Gudur, Naidupet,  at a small Darga near Doravarisatram. Almost at all places the  pilgrims who had come to Nellore Rottela Panduga were relaxing on  the road side enjoying their food. The last four red KSRTC buses, I have seen were at the integrated interstate check post near Tada.

All these pilgrims have chartered buses from interior parts of Karnataka and most have reached Nellore this morning. After catching/leaving rottelu and visiting the Baarashid Darga, they have set out to see other places of importance on their way back to Karnataka. If I could spot 20 buses in one stretch in a span of 3 hours, one can guess how many more buses would have come. I could also spot lot of private buses, Tata Aces which brought people to the festival.

Incidentally, it was on this trip to Chennai, I spotted the tailor who came to Nellore Rottela panduga in a auto from Tirupathi.

Nellore Lover

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