Vandhe Gandhiyam peace rally organised form Nellore Gandhi Statue to Pinakini Satyagraha Ashramam, Pallipadu

Civil society activists, people’s representatives and district officials took part enthusiastically in peace rally which was organised from Gandhi statue Nellore to Pallepadu Ashram . Singer Ghazal Srinivas led the march and mentioned the significance of peace in bringing about harmony and unity among the countries of the world. Speakers appealed to the youth to follow the footsteps of the great leaders who fought for the independence of the country. They appealed to the people to take responsibility to protect and preserve the unity and integrity of the country.


District Collector N.Srikanth, who flagged off the rally in the city, and the event was also attended by Singer Ghazal Srinivas, MP Mekapati Rajamohan Reddy, Mayor Sk.Abdul Aziz, MLA P.AnilKumar Yadav and several other leaders. This event was organised to pay tributes to the values and ideals cherished by Gandhiji who won hearts of the opeople by getting the freedom through peace and non-violence.

Pallepadu Ashramam was inaugurated on 7th Feb 1921 by Gandhiji himself. This ashramam was among the few important ashramams which were being preserved as a tribute to Gandhiji. The Ashramam is now under the Indian Red Cross Society Nellore.

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Gandhi Ashram in Nellore

While writing on Ponaka Kanakamma, a freedom fighter, I came to know about the Gandhi Ashram in Nellore. The Pinakini Satyagraha Ashramam is a living memory of Mahatma Gandhi’s association with Nellore. It was established on the bank of river Penna.  It has made a significant contribution to the National Freedom Struggle lead by Gandhiji.

This Ashramam is known as Pallipadu Gandhi Ashramam. It is the first of its kind in Andhra Pradesh and stands second only to Gandhiji’s Ashramam at Sabarmathi at the National Level.  The Ashramam was inaugurated on 7-feb-1921 by Gandhiji himself.


Initially it started in thatched huts on the bank of river Penna.  On the suggestion of Gandhiji an amount of Rs. 10,000/- was extended as financial help by the All India Congress Committee and 22 acres of land was secured.  The living and teaching in the Ashramam started on the principles of truth, non-violence. Many programmes were taken up such as Production of Khadhi, Eradication of untouchability, propagation of Hindi as the national language, Naturopathy, Equality of all religions, and Adult Education.

The Ashramam is now under the Indian Red Cross Society Nellore  branch. Indian Red Cross Society Nellore District branch intends to renovate the old building and make it a Tourist Centre for the new generation.