WhatsApp number for police complaints in Nellore

Complaints or information can be passed on to Nellore Police in the form of videos, photos and SMS to WhatsApp number 9390777727

Nellore district police launched an initiative called ‘Public Eye’ to register complaints or provide information on law and order, traffic or anti-social activities enabling the police to take swift action. A dedicated mobile phone number – 9390777727 – has been provided for this purpose.

4 thoughts on “WhatsApp number for police complaints in Nellore

  1. One subspecies vehicle parked since 5 days at my street. Adress: lane no 2. Venkataramapuram. Vijayamahal centre. Nellore


  2. This is to draw your kind attention to a number of lawless activi­ties going on in Nellore Rural area. On the name of Family dispute settlements, they are demanding huge money from both parties and blackmailing.

    These settlements are happening in Nellore by PAMIDI RAVI KUMAR CHOWDARY (Contact Number: 99591 30003).He is telling to all, that “He will be the future TELUGU DESAM MLA of Nellore”
    People of Nellore are very frightened.So immediate steps should be taken to improve the situation.


  3. Sir good after noon, I would like to request you that I am the resident of KAASIKALA VARI AGRAHARAM, BACK SIDE OF HOTEL VENKATA RAMANA, POGATHOTA. NELLORE having problem with the unauthorized parking of vehicle in the road. The apartment owners in this road do not provide vehicle parking to the residents. all the vehicles of those are parking on the road side,
    And also the owners of commercial building do not have TOILET FELICITY. The tenants are using the side drain as their toilets.

    so I humbly request you to take proper action in this regard.


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