Flamingo Festival 2018 starts on 7th Jan

Flamingo Festival 2018 is a three day event to welcome and celebrate the arrival of migratory birds, especially Flamingos. The annual Flamingo Festival is celebrated at the bird sanctuary at Nelapattu, Pulicat lake and the nearby Sullurupet town in Nellore district of Andhra Pradesh. Various migratory birds including Flamingo come to this part of Andhra Pradesh. This festival attracts tourists from all over the world.

Nelapattu Bird Sanctuary is one of the largest Pelicanry in South-East Asia with more than 1,500 Pelicans breeding an average every year.

The Festival will take place in 4 locations

Sullurpeta (Main Stage – Stalls & Entertainment)

Nelapattu (Stalls & Entertainment)

Atakani Thippa – Pulicat (Stalls)

BV Palem – Pulicat (Stalls – Entertainment – Boat Riding)


Photography Competitions

Gala Night

showcasing local talent

Celebrity Performer



Food Courts

Bird Sanctuary Tours

Trip to Sriharikota Space Centre

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Nellore tourist spots to get a facelift with central funds

Irakam Island


Nellore District Collector Ms M. Janaki said that efforts are being made to develop Nellore as a coastal tourism hub. The district administration has taken works to transform beaches, lakes, bird sanctuaries and islands into an integrated hub for coastal tourism in Nellore district.

The central government released Rs. 63 crore for developing tourist facilities in beaches at Mypadu, Ramatheertham, Isukapalli, and Kotha Koduru. Plans have also been made for developing Nellore Swarnala Cheruvu tank, B.V. Palem boating point and Irakam island.

A few major works are nearing completion at Irakam island, Nelapattu bird sanctuary and Atakanithippa point in Pulicat lake and also the Venadu Dargah located in the Pulicat lake. Mypadu now boasts of a beach side resort with sea-view cottages. Ramatheertham and Kotha Koduru beaches are getting a facelift now. A bicycle track and facilitation centre are proposed at Nelapattu bird sanctuary.

About Rs. 10.47 crore is being spent on the development of basic infrastructure such as easy access by road and water to the famous Irakam island which is located in the middle of the Pulicat brackish water lake near Sullurupeta.


Three days Flamingo Festival to start from January 9

AP Government is going to organize three days Flamingo festival from January 9th to 11th.  As part of this festival the Government has decided to organize road shows to mobilise wide support and participation in the festival. This festival is organised every year at the Sullurpet, Nellore Dt.


Many migratory birds, especially Flamingos arrive at  Nelapattu Birds sanctuary and Pulicat lake. It is known to be their winter home.

To attract the attention of the public and tourists many road shows will be organised in Chennai, Hyderabad, Vijayawada, and Nellore. Many Film artistes and cultural troupes and experts will also be involved in mobilising their support for the event.

The officials released the posters and theme song CDs at a meeting which took place at Collectorate.

The festival events would be held at four venues, Sullurupeta High School Grounds, BV Palem, Nelapattu Bird sanctuary and Atakanithippa.

A panaoramic video is prepared with the help of a helicopter robot video camera will also be shown to the visitors during the three days festival.


Pulicat & Nelapattu Bird Sanctuaries, Nellore: Paradise for migratory birdse 

Flemingo Festival attracts huge crowds near Sullurupeta in Nellore

Flamingo festival at Sullurpeta, Nellore attracted huge crowds this year. The festival is held every year when the migratory birds arrive at their winter destination here, from all around the country and also from places as far as Siberia.

Nellore district forest officials have been taking census of the migratory birds at both the locations on a daily basis. As of now, there are more than 58,000 migratory birds in Pulicat lake area and 8000 in Nelapattu bird sanctuary.


Nelapattu bird sanctuary is buzzing with with the birds especially the Grey Pelicans, Open billed Storks, Little Cormorants and Oriental White Ibis. Nelapattu Bird Sanctuary has about 13000 Grey Pelicans and 2000 each of Open Billed Stork, Little Cormorant and Oriental White Ibis.

However, the migratory bird population at Pulicat Lake seems to have gone down this year due to shortage of water in the Lake. Pulicat lake is home to the famous Greater Flamingoes apart from 35 other varieties of birds. There are 17,000 Flamingoes, 1150 Pond Herons, 2700 Painted Storks, 3600 Little Egrets, 3700 Cattle Egrets, 4000 Little Stints, 1000 River Terns, 1500 Common Coots, 3500 Northern Shovelers, 2000 Spot Bills and 3000 Pin Tailed Snipe apart from different local varieties in Pulicat lake area.

Flamingo Festival to begin on 8th Jan in 2014 in Sullurpet, Nellore

The three-day bird festival of Sullurupet in Nellore district, the Flamingo Festival is scheduled to begin on January 8th 2014. The district administration has been organising the festival every year to mark the arrival of thousands of migratory birds, especially flamingos, to Nelapattu Birds sanctuary and Pulicat lake, their winter home.


The festival was planned about a decade ago to attract tourists to the sanctuary from the state and neighbouring states. Stalls of various government departments and cultural prorgammes would be arranged at the junior college ground at Sullurpeta during the festival. Seminars on bio-diversity, birds and protection of Pulicat lake would also be conducted. Boat rides will be arranged for the visitors at Bheemulavaripalem in Tada mandal.

Rare insectivorous plant found in Nelapattu, Nellore

Wildlife officials of Sullurpeta division spotted a rare insectivorous plant, Drosera Burmanni, on the tank bed of the famous Nelapattu bird sanctuary in SPSR Nellore district. The plant which is also called a carnivorous plant can catch and digest live prey (normally insects) to obtain nitrogen compounds that are lacking in its usual marshy habitat.

The plant is one of the fastest trapping sundews and its leaves can curl around an insect in a few seconds. Drocera Burmanni is considered a powerful rubefacient (reddening the skin) in Hindu medicine and used for producing some Ayurveda and Homeo medicines.

Famous breeding ground for pelicans

Nelapattu Bird Sanctuary is one of the best breeding grounds for Spot-billed Pelican in the country. Covering an area of 4.5 square kilometres, this lake serves as a nesting colony for thousands of migratory birds in winter. These birds build their nests on the Barringtonia sp. trees surrounding the lake.

The bird species that nest here include Painted Stork, Grey Heron, Eurasian Spoonbill, Darter, Little Cormorant, Indian Shag, Spot-billed Pelican, Black-headed Ibis, Glossy Ibis, Little Egret, Intermediate Egret, Great Egret, Black-crowned Night Heron, Pond Heron and Asian Openbill Stork. Hundreds of Garganey Teal, Northern Pintail, Gadwall and Northern Shoveler can also be seen on the lake. The best time to visit this place is from November to March.

Birds Festival ( Flamingo Festival ), Nellore

Nellore district administration is making arrangements to host the annual birds festival also known as Flamingo Festival on January 7th and 8th 2012. The festival will be held in the boys high school ground in Sullurupet town. Rural sports and boating competitions are going to be the main attractions during the festival. The administration is planning to make necessary arrangements for watching the birds in Nelapattu sanctuary and Pulicot Lake apart from boat rides in BV Palem.

Flamingo Festival is being held since 2001 with the twin objectives of promoting awareness among local populace to protect the migratory birds and also to promote tourism.

Flamingo festival offers an opportunity for ornithologists, environmentalists, bird watchers, forest and tourism officials to study the bio-diversity of Pulicat and Nellapattu Bird Sanctuaries and to initiate measures to conserve the bio-zones for future generations. Pulicat lake is spread over an area of 460 sq km surrounded by Sulurpet, Dorvari Satram, Vakadu and Kota mandals of Nellore district.

Thousands of birds of nearly 240 species visit the lake during winter. Various species of migratory birds including some rare and endangered species from different parts of the world visit the Nelapattu habitat from October to March every year. The birds prepare their nests, brood the eggs and return to their native places along with their young ones by April.

Flamingos, Pelicans, Siberian Storks, Open Billed Storks, Night Herons, Egrets, Little Cormorant, Golden Backed Wood Pecker, Spotted and Ring Doves, King Fishers, Painted Storks, White Necked Storks, Spoon Bills and other species of birds will present a colourful gala for tourists at the sanctuary. The villagers treat the migratory birds with affection and provide protection to them.

Nelapattu Bird Sanctuary, Sulluru Peta

Many winter migratory birds from Siberian countries visit Nelapattu bird sanctuary every year. It is a breeding ground for some of the rare and endangered species like grey pelicans, open billed storks, little cormorants, sponbills, white ibies, night herons etc.

The lake is one of the largest Pelicanaries in South East Asia with more than 1500 pelicans and other birds visiting every year. The big fresh water tank of Nelapattu along with the presence of good number of Barringtonia Acutangula trees which can tolerate inundation for longer periods in the tank bed and fore shore area make this sanctuary a haven for a wide variety of bird species for breeding and roosting.

An Environmental Education Centre is situated in the sanctuary along with a museum, library and auditorium with audio visual equipment for screen slides and films on wild life. Watch towers are also available to watch the birds at the Sanctuary.