Thyagaraja Smaranotsavams from tomorrow

46th Thyagaraja Smaranotsavams are starting from tomorrow for 7 days at Town Hall in Nellore. Thyagaraya keertans would be rendered by various vocalists every day evening at 7 PM. The vocalists include: DV Suresh Rao on 24th, Lalitha Madhavan on 25th, OS Thyagarajan on 26th, Selam Gayathri Venkatesan on 27th, Balasubramanyam on 28th, Lakshmi Rangarajan & Subhiksha Rangarajan on 29th and Sikkil Mala Chandrasekhar’s flute recital on 30th. Continue reading Thyagaraja Smaranotsavams from tomorrow