Nellore Rottela Panduga 2017 Dates Announced

rottela panduga nellore

Rottela Panduga (Rotiyaan ki eid or Roti Festival) will be observed from 1st to 5th October 2017 in Nellore as a state festival.

Rottela Panduga is an annual three-day urs(festival) held at Bara Shaheed Dargah of Nellore in Andhra Pradesh, India. The annual state sponsored event is observed in the month of Muharram as urs of 12 martyrs whose mortal remains are buried in the compound. Women who visit the shrine, exchange their rotis (flat indian breads) at Nellore Tank (Swarnala Cheruvu) in fulfillment of their wishes.

Nellore District Administration making elaborate arrangements for Rottela Panduga

Rottela Panduga or the Roti festival which is an annual religious event organised at Bara Shaheed Dargah in Nellore is getting ready to celebrate this festival this year too.

State government has declared Rottela Panduga as state festival last year and is making proposals to spend Rs. 50 lakhs towards developing basic facilities for the devotees. Mayor Abdul Aziz and corporator Nume Mallikarjuna Yadav visited the dargah premises and asked the officials to initiate steps for providing basic facilities like sanitation and drinking water.

Devotees from different religions exchange rotis in the knee-deep waters of the tank after their wishes are fulfilled.

Rottela Panduga (Roti Festival) 2013, Bara Shaheed Dargah, Nellore

rottela panduga nellore

The world-famous Rottela Panduga (Roti Festival) at Bara Shaheed Dargah, Swarnala Cheruvu in Nellore city will be held on 16th and 17th November 2013. More than 5 lakh devotees from across the world are expected to visit Nellore on these days to exchange rotis as a thanksgiving for fulfilment of their wishes.

Tirupati to Nellore in auto for Rottela Panduga

I spotted this Chittoor auto rickshaw AP03-2838 at Tirumala Dairy near Gudur. I got curious, and had a chat with the driver. Here are some interesting facts. His name is Sulaiman. He is a tailor at Aashika Tailors, Tirupati.

Three days back 5 adults and 3 kids came to Nellore by this auto. They visited Mypadu, AS Peta, Kasumur, attended the Gandham ceremony at Baarashahid Darga in Nellore, attended the Rottela Panduga (bread festival) this morning and were on their way back. Their total trip was around 600 KMs.

I was zapped, and after he left, it occured to me that I should have asked him ‘what rotte (bread) did he take or leave’; may be it is travel rotte!

– Nellore Lover