BSNL Services Phone Numbers in Nellore

List of services offered by BSNL in Nellore along with their phone numbers.

Morning Alarm(Open/Close) 116-Activation, 117-De Activation
Time 174,175
Visista Seva(Hindi/Telugu) 177
Trunk Booking 1580
Trunk Assistance 1581
STD Complaint 1582
National Dir. Enquiry 1583
Phonogram(Regional Language) 1584
Phonogram(Inland/International) 1585
Trunk Booking(International) 1586
Trunk Enquiry(International) 1587
Trunk Delay Information 1588
Directory Enquiry 197
Fault Repair Service 198, 12727
Public Grievance Cell 12727(10.00am to 5.30pm)except on Sundays and National Holidays
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BSNL Services
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Telephone Bill Enquiry 150,115,021,503
Leased Circuits Complaints 1918
Change Number Service 195,119,521,953
Call Center 1991
Cellone Call Center 9440024365