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Nellore district grama panchayat elections 3rd and final phase tomorrow

Grama Panchayathi elections to 931 village panchayats in SPSR Nellore district are drawing to a close with the third and final phase of elections to be held tomorrow for 257 panchayats in Gudur and Naidupeta revenue divisions.

Gudur revenue division with 9 mandals has 210 panchayats out of which 40 were declared unopposed. There were no nominations in the SC reserved Ranganathapuram panchayat in Chittamuru mandalam. Election will be held in the remaining 169 panchayats tomorrow.

The newly formed Naidupeta revenue division with 6 mandals has 127 panchayats out of which 36 were declared unopposed. Election process was suspended and postponed to 8th August in three panchayats viz. karur, Kadiri and Irakam as these seats were siad to have been auctioned. Election will be held in the remaining 88 village panchayats tomorrow.




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