Nellore tourist spots to get a facelift with central funds


Nellore District Collector Ms M. Janaki said that efforts are being made to develop Nellore as a coastal tourism hub. The district administration has taken works to transform beaches, lakes, bird sanctuaries and islands into an integrated hub for coastal tourism in Nellore district.

The central government released Rs. 63 crore for developing tourist facilities in beaches at Mypadu, Ramatheertham, Isukapalli, and Kotha Koduru. Plans have also been made for developing Nellore Swarnala Cheruvu tank, B.V. Palem boating point and Irakam island.

A few major works are nearing completion at Irakam island, Nelapattu bird sanctuary and Atakanithippa point in Pulicat lake and also the Venadu Dargah located in the Pulicat lake. Mypadu now boasts of a beach side resort with sea-view cottages. Ramatheertham and Kotha Koduru beaches are getting a facelift now. A bicycle track and facilitation centre are proposed at Nelapattu bird sanctuary.

About Rs. 10.47 crore is being spent on the development of basic infrastructure such as easy access by road and water to the famous Irakam island which is located in the middle of the Pulicat brackish water lake near Sullurupeta.


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