Rottela Panduga (Roti Festival) 2011 in Nellore

The world famous Rottela Panduga (roti festival) in Nellore is annual event held near Bara Shaheed Darga (Darga Mitta) in Nellore, Andhra Pradesh, India.

According to the legend 12 warriors sacrificed their lives in a battle with the British in 1751 near Gandavaram, Nellore. The beheaded bodies of those warriors were laid to rest at this place which came to be known as Bara Shaheed dargah.

The unique feature of the three-day festival is that devotees offer rottelu (roti or Indian bread) to the martyrs at the Bara Shaheed Darga near Nellore tank, in lieu of their fulfilled desires and those with similar wishes pick these up. It is widely believed that the warriors grant every wish of devotees offering prayers at the dargah.

People whose wishes for education, wealth, good health, etc., were fulfilled, come here to leave home made rottelu (roti or Indian bread) in Nellore tank near Bara Shaheed Darga. Those who have similar desires receive those rotis and eat them for fulfilling their desires. If their wishes are fulfilled, they come to leave rotis at the same place next year.

Many types of breads (rottelu) are being offered and searched for by devotees like Fortune Bread (Adhrusta Rotte), Marriage Bread (Pelli Rotte), Money Bread (Dabbu Rotte), Job Bread (Udyogam Rotte), Children Bread (Santhana Rotte), Health Bread (Arogyam Rotte), etc. IT professionals who want to go abroad offer Foreign Bread (Videsi Rotte). It is believed that music director AR Rahman took a holy dip in the tank and picked up Adrushta Rotte (lucky bread) before sending his entry for an Oscar Award in 2009.

Rottela Panduga is being held from 6th to 9th December this year. The main event (leaving and receiving rotis) will be on 8th December 2011. Officials are making necessary arrangements to meet the basic needs of pilgrims who come from all over the world.

6 thoughts on “Rottela Panduga (Roti Festival) 2011 in Nellore

  1. You catch a Udyogam rotte this year. Catch the rotte every year till you get a job. After you get a job, leave Udyogam rotte. You can leave as many as you want, the minimum is one. But the question is how many people you want to help get a job. And you can continue leaving Udyogam rotte in the following years also. The idea is to leave the rotte as long as you feel grateful for the job you have got.


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